DIY Fitted Hat Rack Holder

I love Pinterest and the inspiration that comes with looking at so many good pin’s. I have been wondering what I could do to keep up with all of hubby’s hat’s. They are everywhere and almost always fall down,  no matter where I hang them because they are fitted. 
Here is my version of a cheap and practical hat holder for the hubby:
You have less than $2 invested in it, minus the hat’s of course!
You will need binder clips.(I got this set of 12 for under a dollar!) You will also need a set of cheap curtain rings, around a dollar and last but not least, a sturdy clothes hanger. Wooden is nice, but I just used a plain, plastic hanger. You could really make this a nice gift for Father’s day by personalizing it or with a decorative hanger.
Now you have perfect storage for your hubby’s hat’s!
Hat Rack

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