DIY Kool Aid Tie Dye ~ family fun summer activity & boredom buster

Grab some cotton t-shirts…and let’s get ready to tie dye with Kool Aid!!

We used old, cotton t-shirts, and soaked them in vinegar and water for about 2 hours.  We used about two cups of vinegar and then filled a  plastic tub with water.  Basically, your shirts should soak in water and a little bit of vinegar.  Next, your remove the excess water by wringing the t-shirt out by hand.

Tie Dye using Kool Aid Summer Fun

On to the fun part…

I mixed two Kool Aid packets per squeeze bottle and added a teaspoon full of vinegar and filled the remainder up with water. Shake the mixture well. You can use whatever colors you prefer.

You section off your t-shirts according to what tie dye pattern you prefer, or just make something unique and free style, baby!! You can find TONS of patterns online. We even tried a Captain America-esque shirt by stenciling a star on the chest and using a bulls eye tie dye.

tie dye sc1

What you will need:

White T-shirts

Tons of Rubber bands (seriously, you will need them)

Variety of Kool Aid Packets (2 of each color)

Squeeze Bottles(Clear is best, so that you will know what color you are about to use on your shirt) from the dollar store or anywhere you can find them. You can also dip the shirts, but I prefer the squeeze bottles.



Gloves to protect your hands from staining. Old clothes to keep the dye from getting on your clothes. It’s not bad without gloves and just takes a little extra work to get the dye off.

Your Imagination, and a little help from Google, searching Tie Dye Patterns

Last but not least…tons of patience!! This is not an instant gratification project. It is super fun, with each shirt turning out very unique. Some of the shirts that you may think that you ruined, will actually turn out better than you imagined.

Looking for more fun summer crafts? Try making Kool Aid lip gloss. It’s fun and easy, too!

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