Dogs for Autism …a Greenville based non profit supporting autistic children in our area…

dogs for autismWhen you think of service dogs, Autism may not come to mind immediately, but there is quite a need. With 1 in 68 now diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and 1 in 55 in my state, South Carolina, there is a need for therapy, service dogs, provider’s, volunteers and just about anything you can think of to help our children.  A mom, that’s right a mom, pushed until someone listened as she knew there had to be a service dog to help her child with Autism. This mom was also dealing with people who were open to try, and not simply turning her away. As a mom that means so much, just for someone to listen, and try to offer help, instead of dismissing what may seem impossible.  You can read

South Carolina also is home to the very first Dog’s for Autism organization, that uses service dogs for children on the spectrum. These specially trained dogs are “given”, notice I said “given” to children who need it in Greenville currently, and maybe will expand some day. Countless people volunteer to make a difference for Autism. I am proud to be in South Carolina, which sometimes does not make the best or most noticeable headline news, but hopefully our Carolina compassion shines through in these non-profit groups.

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You can also donate to Dog’s for Autism by clicking the button below. This is a class act of dedicated trainer’s working together to greatly benefit children and their families.  Each time I think about this cause, I get a lump in my throat, because I think of those mom’s who have children like mine, except their children do not speak at all. I cannot imagine what those parents go through. These dogs are vital for those in need.

For more information about Dogs for Autism, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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*Updated the original 4/2012 post to reflect new CDC findings…

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