Family fun begins with Ridemakerz in Myrtle Beach, SC

An ultimate must family fun experience begins with Ridemakerz….especially if you have fans of cars, trucks, super hero’s, like my two boys. Ridemakerz offers a unique experience where you build your own custom “ride” with the help of your own pit crew. Options are endless and each car or truck can literally be custom made by your little designer.

We visited Ridemakerz in Myrtle Beach, SC at Broadway at the Beach.  This store was unlike any typical toy store, but more like a kid sized custom showcase of cars and trucks, complete with accessories!  I was overwhelmed by all of the cool features and selections! You create your ride by customizing it any way you want it. My boys created totally different vehicles and added unique sounds, wheels and lights. They loved picking out their car’s gear and then heading over to the assembly line to actually bring their creation to life. Just the smile and excitement of really building their ride was beyond priceless. It is a one of a kind experience and packed full of excitement!  Not only did our boys build a car, we also got to join in the fun!  I admittedly had a little help from my three year old son. He helped nudge me in the right direction.

I cannot imagine as a child being able to create my own toy and have interchangeable accessories. I love that we can add police lights to Spidey, or listen to Mater as he chuckles along.  The remote control option is phenomenal. These can be interchangeable, and provide hours of fun!  My boys have raced their cars over and over!  Ridemakerz offers entertainment and confidence to your little one. They have a timer as you are building your car and you can see how fast you were! My boys loved that!  My boys love their creations, but the entire experience exceeded my expectations. It encompassed fun, thrills, wild imagination with their individual personalities. I will never forget how much fun my family had at Ridemakerz!  The crew in Myrtle Beach is outstanding, helpful, and really make the children feel important. It is on my top list of things to do in Myrtle Beach!

The process of building your own ride is so much fun.  See how we customized our hot ridez!

Ridemakerz also has party options!  Based on the fun we had at Ridemakerz, their parties would provide the most entertaining, interactive party your children have ever experienced.

More about making your one of a kind ride from Ridemakerz:

  • Each RIDE comes equipped with a body, Freewheel Street chassiz, stock treadz, stock wheelz, RZ Mix RIDESOUNDZ™, working headlights and tail lights*, RZ Tool for assembly and an RZ CRUIZECASE™. RIDEZ are roughly the size of a shoebox, ranging from 10″ – 12″ in length.

    RIDEZ and accessoriez are detailed, plastic casts inspired by real custom cars and parts. Each unique RIDE design preserves authenticity down to the smallest fender contour and grille detail. Hidden magnets and tabs hold accessoriez firmly in place without compromising the look of each RIDE.

    The custom accessoriez are interchangeable between most RIDEZ, excluding some truck bed-only items, spolierz and enginez. You can also easily switch RIDE bodies from a STREET chassiz to a MONSTER chassiz.

    Custom treadz feature unique patterns with colored grooves, and custom wheelz come in a variety of detailed styles for all RIDEZ.

    Decalz are vinyl, adhesive and repositionable. They are available in many different themes, colors and designs and can be layered to radicalize your own one-of-a-kind RIDEZ.
    Pressing down on the hood scoop (or the blown engine you drop in there) lets you hear the revved-up RIDESOUNDZ™ and see the flashy, sound-responsive headlights and taillights in action.

Our super cool racing remote control “ridez” are amazing and we had the best time making these!  The best part is taking them home and racing each other!


Newly equipped with working headlights and a fresh new paint job, World Grand Prix Lightning McQueen is revved-up for the race that will take him around the globe.


Inspired by a Disney•Pixar “cars toons” animated series in which Mater rescues Lightning McQueen from a burning building, this Rescue Squad Mater is ready to speed into action whenever help is needed. Includes a freewheel street chassiz, stock treadz & wheelz, working headlights & taillights, and the rz mix ridesoundz™. Fits 150mm chassiz


Villians don’t stand a chance against this crime-fighting cruiser! Inspired by one of the greatest comic book characters of all time, our Spider-Man RIDE features a classic web-themed paint job, iconic spider logo and the super powers of a superhero. Fits 165mm Chassiz.


2010 Ford Mustang GT Street Patrol
Now on duty! With a chiseled muscle front end, newly designed angular hood, and sleek curves, this pony legend is ready to patrol the streets.

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Watch our short video as we created our car!

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