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100% Healthy – 100% FUN!!

We have been using sippy cups for quite sometime filled with half juice and half water. While shopping at my local grocery store, my oldest son, pointed out the most adorable little drinks f
eaturing our favorite character’s. He first noticed the Thomas the Tank engine Tummy Tickler, and he begged me to get it. Intrigued I read the label and became pleasantly surprised with this refillable drink. It contained 100 % Apple Juice, was all natural, the container was BPA-Free! My children loved all of the different and colorful character tops, not to mention it was a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

Tummy Ticker’s are ideal for on the go, and you can use them over and over. Making them not only affordable but practical. I also love giving my son’s healthy drinks and not sugary soda’s. These adorable drinks also won’t leak and contain a sippy spout.

Tummy Tickler’s are simply ideal for birthday parties. Just think if you had a Toy Story themed party. You could serve Tummy Tickler’s and this would also be something each child could take home with them. This would be a healthy and practical alternative to birthd
ay treat bags for guests. I love reusable options and this is a great spill proof drink that we have used many, many times.

Tummy Tickler’s generously sent us an assorted amount of Tummy Tickler’s perfect for my boys. The small 4 oz Tummy Tickler’s for TOTS are perfect for beginner’s. They are easy gripped into the hands of a little one. They contain 40% less Sugar and is a mixture of 100% Apple Juice and Purified Water. The TOTS version only contains 35 calories as opposed to 60 with regular juice and only has 8 g of Sugar. It is recommended for 1-3 year olds.

Tummy Tickler’s also come in a 6 oz container that contains 100% Apple Juice with no added sugar. These are recommended for 3-6 year olds. Each bottle is equivalent to 3/4 cup of fruit! This is perfect for toddler’s and older children as well. It is a great drink to grab that is safe, healthy and my boys just love all of the interchangeable tops, such as Buzz Lightyear, Thomas the train, Spider-Man, and Mickey Mouse, just to name a few. Don’t worry Mom’s with little girls, there are just as many topper’s for little girls as well, like the Disney Princesses.

Tummy Tickler’s are dishwasher safe and very easy to hand wash, too. My boys want a different topper, sometimes twice in one day. It’s fun to collect them and I don’t have to sort through my cabinets trying to find a match for my sippy cup. I hate cleaning a complicated sippy cup with valve’s and inserts that eventually get lost or misplaced from the original cup. These drinks are interchangeable and do not feature complicated parts. That is always a plus in my book! These drinks are also IDEAL for packing school lunch! It makes lunchtime a little less boring and by packing a Tummy Tickler or Belly Washer I can feel good about knowing my son is eating a healthy, well balanced meal!

Tummy Tickler’s contain:

NO ADDED SUGAR or High Fructose Corn Syrup
NO Artificial Colors or Preservatives
100% JUICE

What flavor’s do Tummy Tickler’s come in? Only Apple Juice right now. They may add different flavor’s as time goes on, but Apple is pretty tried and true and most children like it.

See all of their different character topper’s here.

Tummy Tickler’s are healthy, convenient, reusable, and mess free. It’s the practical, colorful, and character inspired on the go solution in place of a boring old sippy cup. These are a must have and will last wash after wash. Collect all of your favorite characters, from Bob the Builder, to Winnie the Pooh.

The same company that makes Tummy Tickler’s, In Zone Brands, makes an older version, called Belly Washer’s. These are also 100% juice, but come in Fruit Punch and is generously sized to 8 0z. It has the sport no mess cap and is BPA free as well and completely reusable. Each Belly Washer equals 1 cup of fruit! Check out the character topper’s from Belly Washer’s here. They are also interchangeable with Tummy Tickler’s.

I love packing these drinks in my diaper bag and having one already filled when my oldest gets out of school. He loves seeing “Who” I will bring when I pick him up with his juice. Some day’s we take Spider-man or Doc Hudson, and other days it’s a friendly little tank engine. Children absolutely love them and I like anything that is natural, convenient and a Mommy helper. The last thing I want to do is to clean up a spilled drink in my car. I have so much to do everyday and I am so glad I found a safe, all natural drink for both of my boys that we can use over and over again.

In case I left out anything, please click here for FAQ’s.

Where can these healthy, reusable drinks be purchased? Click here for retailer’s. Tummy Tickler’s and Belly Washer’s can be purchased in a convenient three pack or as a single drink. Prices may vary, so check your closest retailer. They are really inexpensive, especially when you consider it is a reusable cup.

Keep checking their site as they will soon have your favorite reusable character drinks on Facebook! That’s right Tummy Tickler’s will soon have a Facebook page!

Thanks In Zone Brands!!


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